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Tips on Selecting Frames for Swimming :
Frames: Leakage is avoidable, if you consider the following: the strap can be adjusted to fit most head sizes, the adjustable nose strap should fit snugly but comfortably, and the goggle should fit on the bone around the eye. In order to get a swim goggle to fit, there must be a tight seal between the eyecup and the face. There are 2 ways to accomplish this: Suction Seal: Frame shape and size is very critical on suction seal goggles. The goggle shape must allow the sponge or flange to be pushed into the skin. This compression creates the necessary negative pressure to keep the tissue pulled against the frame. Positive Pressure Seal: A patented system developed by Barracuda, the goggle frame is shaped around the eye and each area of the frame matches the underlying bone structure. The result is a snug, anatomical fit that is not dependent on suction. For more information on Suction Seal vs Positive Pressure seal, please click here. The revolutionary Seal Mask by Aqua Sphere offers a leak free alternative to traditional goggles. The Seal Mask cannot be made with custom prescription lenses, but we do offer Press On Optics, similar to the Stock Rx option discussed below.

Lenses: If you are swimming outdoors, make sure your goggle protects you from UV radiation. Anti-fog coating is a chemical treatment that is applied to the inside of the lens. Although most goggles come with this feature, the coating can wear out depending on how you treat them. You can usually purchase anti-fog sprays at a local sporting goods store. Apply it per the instructions a few times to allow the spray to build up on the lens for best performance. If swimming outdoors you may want a tinted lens to help block the amount of sunlight getting to your eyes. A smoke lens is still light enough to see under water, but can block enough light so you don’t have to squint

Prescription Lenses: There are two types of prescription options for swimming goggles: Stock Rx (also known as Step Diopter) is a pre-fabricated goggle in spherical prescription lenses similar to drug store reading glasses. You’ll be able to see better than with plano (non-prescription) lenses, but you won’t see perfectly since Stock Rx lenses only correct for sphere (nearsightedness / farsightedness) but not for cylinder (astigmatism). If your astigmatism is mild, these should work fine for you. Those with cylinders (astigmatism) greater than -1.00 should consider custom goggles since vision will be compromised in a Step Diopter goggle. If you select a Stock Rx lens, please input your prescription and we will determine the best Stock Rx lens for you. Please note that though PD measurement is not needed for Stock Rx lenses, our online form will not allow you to proceed without entering a PD. Please call us at (877) 539-1775 if you have questions or problems entering your prescription. If you have different prescription powers in each eye, select the Hilco goggles, which are offered in either plus or minus powers, up to 8 diopters.

Manufacturer's Innovation: The Barracuda Standard, Medalist, B300 and B200 models are all Positive Pressure seal goggles (see above). Barracuda’s goggles are made with fused lenses available in non-prescription, Stock Rx lenses or custom prescription options. The Hilco goggles are modular so you can interchange pre-made Stock Rx lenses with plano lenses, which is useful if your prescription changes or if you sometimes wear contact lenses. Speedo goggles are available in only available in custom prescriptions -- there is no Stock Rx option.

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