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Tips on Selecting Frames for Basketball:
Basketball, baseball and racquet sports account for approximately 38,000 sports related eye injuries every year. The good news is that at least 90% of theses injuries are preventable. Sports goggles provide the best protection and can be fit with prescription lenses. Here's what to look for in basketball eyewear:

Frames: Protective eyewear is available in either a goggle design or a shield. Goggles offer better protection than shields. Regardless of which design you prefer, the frame should cover the entire socket and not just the eyeball. If you select a shield, look for a frame that fits closely to the face, so as to minimize the potential for a finger to get underneath and displace the frame. The frame should have padding at the temple and bridge. This will absorb some of the shock to lessen the overall impact, and will limit damage the frame may cause to the face. An elasticized band is best to hold the frame in place. Regular temples will not secure the frame tightly enough and a finger could displace the frame and end up in your eye. In addition to having an impact resistant lens, the frame must also be able to withstand impact. Frames molded with propionate are lightweight and offer strength and flexibility

Lenses: The key element to look for in protective eyewear is polycarbonate lenses since they are virtually unbreakable and can sustain the impact of a ball or racquet.

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