Bolle TruRx Lenses

We are the Preferred Dealer for the Bolle prescription product and guarantee that you are getting authentic Bolle prescription lenses.

Bolle offers the TruRx program where your custom prescription is made in the Authentic Bolle lenses. Progressive lenses are also available, however, a segment height measurement is needed to make progressive lenses.

When choosing prescription lenses, you can select any Rxable Bolle frame and combine it with any Rxable Bolle lens, regardless of whether that model is available in that frame/lens combination in non-prescription. The prescription ranges are as follows:

  • Tru +3.00 to –6.00 sphere; up to –2.00 cylinder
  • Tru Progressive +3.00 to –3.00 sphere; up to –2.00 cylinder, +1.00 to +3.00 add

The price of the Tru Rx lens depends on which lens option you select, and is in addition to the price of the frame. Bolle no longer offers “frame only” for prescription orders, therefore, you must now purchase a frame with a lens in it, even though that lens will be removed to put in the prescription lenses. Please contact us by phone for Tru Rx prescription pricing.

Please note prescription lenses are custom orders and are NOT REFUNDABLE.

For further information on entering your prescription information, please click here.